About Us (Since 2006)


PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT an “agency” or “travel company” for Healthcare Professionals.  All of our openings will give you the opportunity to work full time and permanent work opportunities from day one for one of our affiliated Acute Care Hospitals.

 HCN Recruiting (AKA HCN Healthcare) was originally developed in 2006 to get nursing/healthcare professionals direct access to the best employment opportunities. Are you an applicant who is:

  1. NOT getting call backs from HR?
  2. NOT getting interviews you deserve?
  3. NOT getting employment?

Let HCN be your bridge to getting your foot in the door!

That is why HCN is here to help.  Let us use our connections and proven methods to get your resume in FRONT of the decision maker.  90+% of applicants even when qualified are going straight to a black hole with nothing more than an auto generated response email thanking you for “wasting your time” filling out an hour long application. Even before you apply anywhere, give us a try. This will be your best chance to get a Decision Maker’s eyes on your resume.


With continued success and expansion HCN Recruiting has become a nationally integrated jobs directory established to simplify the “job search” procedure for all Healthcare, IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Operative and trade professionals. HCN Recruiting utilizes the best practices and models to assist both the job seeker and employer in a successful employment match.

HCN Recruiting is a proven leader in the permanent recruitment of Healthcare, IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Operative, and Trade professionals all while providing comprehensive staffing solutions for employers nationwide.

• In healthcare we specialize in the permanent and Interim placement of Registered Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Nursing Leadership(Directors) and Healthcare Administrators (C-Suite).

• In the Operative category we specialize in the permanent placement of Drivers(Class A, B,and C.) with Passenger Endorsement and Air Brakes Certification), with The Trades we specialize in Electricians(Residential, Industrial, Commercial), along with the recruitment of specialized and hard to fill niche IT, Telecommunications and Engineering needs.

  • Whether you are a candidate or an employer, HCN will help with a successful employment match.

Why Work With HCN Recruiting/Healthcare? (candidate)

Are you an applicant who is:

  1. NOT getting call backs from HR?
  2. NOT getting interviews you deserve?
  3. NOT getting employment?

Let the HCN Team point out and communicate the FACTS why you ARE a viable candidate!!!


HCN offers several FREE & CONFIDENTIAL services that are essential in securing your next permanent and/or interim position.  We will

  1. Advise you during the discovery phase in finding your new position—offering input and expertise to ensure you proceed with the position that best suits your needs, experience and skillset.
  2. Assist you to customize your resume for maximum effect.
  3. Possibly offer exclusive sign-on bonuses offered in addition to the facility’s/employers welcome packages.
  4. Use our direct line of communication with administrators, department directors, hiring managers and HR to streamline the process to make hiring faster.
  5. Prep you for your interview
  6. Negotiate the best compensation package
  7. Provide local realty contacts and if needed assist in the state licensing process(if applicable).
  8. Ensure your interview / relocation experience is stress free as possible.
  9. Set up your interview and provide you tips and suggestions tailored towards winning you the position.
  10. Set up multiple(if applicable) interviews with different facilities/employers for several top choices of employment.

Our priority is to ensure that every qualified candidate receives a timely response while learning of the job functions, responsibilities, qualifications, reporting structures and other attributes associated with the position.

HCNs Recruiting staff will connect you with the appropriate hiring personnel, so your candidacy receives a timely response. You obtain your desired career advancement, while making the initial process as hassle-free as possible!

We serve the candidate/client through a streamlined “no hassle” process of connecting them to the most reputable and prestigious healthcare facilities and employers nationwide. There are NO FEES involved for the candidate for our services and we are not a travel or temporary agency.

HCN Recruiting  is based out of several offices strategically placed across the U.S. which allows us to provide personalized support to work closely with the candidates and employers to craft a successful employment match. Our services are dedicated to the Healthcare Industry and well as opportunities in IT, Telecommunications Engineering, Operative, and Trade vacancies.

HCN Recruiting has become the one stop website for all of your employment interests.   We encourage you to apply to any of your interests to be a considered candidate.


Why Work With HCN Recruiting (Employer)

The results will speak for themselves…..STOP wasting your HR Teams valuable time and effort and let us supplement your internal efforts 10 times over to GET RESULTS with qualified candidates.

OPTION 1) ***Healthcare  Please email/ask about our “Featured Hospital, LTAC, SNF, HC”(Partner Hospital) option and receive an ongoing monthly steady stream of applicants(for a flat fee). Utilize our industry leading and proven unique option to fill all of the hard to fill “hot jobs” and vacancies. Please email to ask about advertising packages that get results.

OPTION 2) “URGENT/HOT JOBS”  HCN Recruiting also offers clients the opportunity to work with our experienced and proven recruiters on a confidential contingent or retained basis to fill the employers most challenging needs. We pride ourselves in assisting to fill nursing leadership, allied health, hospital administration and most staff level vacancies as well as vacancies in the Operatives, Trades, and specialized IT, Telecommunications and Engineering needs.


Never again will applying be a difficult or a time consuming process. HCN is a nationally integrated directory that will match your desires with employment with the active and upcoming careers in our National Jobbank.

HCN Recruiting respects your privacy. Your personal information will only be retained for the purpose of an application and will not be used for any other purpose. Please ensure you have your resume ready as a Microsoft Word document.


Don’t forget to bookmark our website and visit often.  As we continue to grow, more hospitals throughout the U.S. will be advertising/featured with us.  We look forward to assisting you soon.



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