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Whether you are seeking Permanent or Interim Employees in Healthcare, IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Operatives, or the Trades(Craft Workers) HCNs results will speak for themselves…..STOP wasting your HR Teams valuable time and effort and let us supplement your internal efforts 10 times over to GET RESULTS. WE have the staff, databases, powerful internet presence, calling capabilities, and TIME.


OPTION 1)  For Healthcare related needs please email/ask about our “Featured Hospital, LTAC, SNF, HC”(Partner Hospital) option and receive an ongoing monthly steady stream of applicants. Utilize our industry leading and proven unique option to fill all of the hard to fill “hot jobs” and vacancies. Please email us and ask about supplemental external sourcing, recruiting and advertising packages that get results.

OPTION 2) “URGENT/HOT JOBS”  HCN Recruiting also offers the opportunity to work with our experienced and proven recruiters on a confidential contingent(Flat fee options available)or retained basis to fill your companies/ facility’s most challenging needs.  In healthcare we pride ourselves in assisting to fill Nursing Leadership, Allied Health, Hospital Administration(C-Suite) and most Staff Level vacancies. Other industries we serve are IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Operatives and the trades.

Experience Matters: HCN Recruiting and our partners have earned extraordinary reputations with over 20 years’ experience as a hiring authority.  Collectively with our 100+ related websites and expert team of recruiters we will focus on your needs, fill your vacancy and develop a productive and trusting relationship.

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