DOP Openings

                                                                                 AS OF 8/25/09  


The below listed positions are ALL FULL TIME AND PERMANENT
If the desired state or geographical area is not listed please email us back and we will email you the results once your perfect match is found.
Compensation ranges from 95-150+K, incentives such as full relocation, sign-on and temp. housing included in some instances.

                                                                                                   Job Order code

Arkansas  1 opening                              cm79mem
Alaska                        1 opening         te79
Arizona    3+ openings                                            jb5-09 jh6-09 te79 vv79
California  2+ openings        jb5-09 te79
Colorado   2 openings                                              jb5-09 te79
Florida (E. Coast, Orlando) 2 openings                                  do59 br89
Georgia  1 opening        gk79
Indiana   1 opening                                                jb5-09
Kansas,(Kansas City)1 opening        kc89
Louisiana  1 opening        jb89
Michigan  1 opening        te79
Mississippi  1 opening        te79
Nevada (Las Vegas) 1 opening        jb89
New Hampshire  1 opening                                                bc5-09
New Mexico    2 +openings                                            bc5-09 bs89 te79 md89
New York    1 opening                                                jb5-09
North Carolina 1 opening              jb79
Pennsylvania  1 opening        kc89
South Carolina 1 opening         te79
Tennessee  2 opening         te79 cm79
Texas  (great Areas) 2 openings                                               jh89 jb79
Utah   1 opening                   jb79
Virginia      2 openings                                              jb5-09 te79
West Virginia  3 openings                   jb6-09 te79
Wisconsin   3 openings                                              jb5-09 jb79 te79 at89
Virginia  1 opening                   te79


Alaska (15-20k sign-on) 1 opening          et89
Arizona   2 openings                                                bc5-09 jb79
Florida  1 opening          te79 jb79
California  2 openings          te79
Colorado (CO Springs) 1 opening                     jb89
Connecticut                1 opening          jb79
Georgia   1 opening                                                jb5-09
Idaho   2 openings         jb6-09 te79 bm89
Illinois   1 opening         jb89
Indiana  1 opening                    te79
Kansas  1 opening         te79
Kentucky  1 opening                    te79
Louisiana (Peds.)       1 opening         jb79
Maine   1 opening         te79
Mississippi   2 opening                                                 jb5-09 bc5-09
Massachusetts (Boston)2 openings          te79 vk89
Nebraska    1 opening                                                 jb5-09
Nevada   2 openings                                                jb89 te79
New Hampshire  2 openings                                                bc5-09 te79
New Mexico   2 openings                                                bc5-09 te79
New York  3+ openings                                             bc5-09 jb6-09 te79
North Carolina 1 opening         jb6-09 te79 gk79
Ohio   1 opening         jb79
Oklahoma  1 opening         jb89
Pennsylvania   1 opening                                                 bc5-09 kc79
Tennessee  2 openings          te79 gk79
Texas (all areas)  5+ opening                                               jb89 bc509 cpf509 te79
Utah   1 opening                     jb79
Virginia    3 opening                                                 jb5-09 te79
Washington   1 opening          kc79
West Virginia   2 openings                                                bc5-09 te79
Wisconsin    4+ openings                                             jb5-09 bc5-09


Colorado   2 openings                                                 cpf5-09
Illinois   1 opening           jb5-09  
W. North Carolina 1 opening    Manager         jp79
Maine    2 opening                      jb5-09
Minnesota    1 opening                                                   jb5-09
Missouri    1 opening                                                   cpf5-09
Texas    2 openings                                                  jb5-09
Utah   1 opening           jb5-09
Washington DC  1 opening                                                   cpf5-09
Washington    2 opening (1 mgr)                                     jb5-09 jp89
Wyoming   1 opening                                                   jb5-09  

 The list will vary from month to month.  If there is a SPECIFIC area or state that you are interested in please let us know and we will make note of it. Please call us today to get more information and schedule an interview with the facilities. All correspondence and interest is done in a 100% confidential manner.
Call us today and start with your advancement in your career tomorrow. Please also email us your most recent resume so that we may keep you up to date and provide you with the most recent opportunities.
Hospital Connection Network  
Toll free 1-888-562-4635


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